International AFfairs in Schools

REACT Presentations

The Responding to Armed Conflict presentations focus mainly on general discussion on nuclear disarmament, the current political climate and state of warfare, Pacific nuclear testing, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, Israel/Palestine, the US gun control debate and the history of New Zealand’s peace and disarmament legislation.

In order to fit with the New Zealand school curriculum, the topics are flexible so if there other specific topics that are being taught in classes that a teacher would prefer us presenting on, (still within the scope of international armed conflict), we can shape our presentations around this as well. 

REACT presentation in your school

These presentations are completely free to schools. Our Youth Programme Coordinator, Tamkeen Saeid, would travel to the classes when booked, at a time that suits teachers and students.

Email: to organise a topic and a time!

Youth Peace Week

Youth Peace Week is a fantastic weeklong event, aiming to open discussion in your school and internationally about ‘peace’ and to create a platform for new and creative ideas for ACTION towards a more peaceful world. Each year, the Peace Foundation provides a new theme for Youth Peace Week that is timely and relevant to the students participating both in New Zealand and around the world. As part of Youth Peace Week, The Peace Foundation provides a toolkit with information about the chosen topic and full of activity ideas for any school or organisation that would like to get involved.

Youth Peace Week is all about empowering people to create a safe world, based on justice and human rights. This week also commemorates Hiroshima Day on 6 August and Nagasaki Day on 9 August to educate people of the consequences of nuclear war and to campaign for a world free of nuclear weapons.


Schools, individuals and organisations are able to register via the Peace Foundation website, to keep up to date on Youth Peace Week, receive the toolkit and have the Peace Foundation Youth Programmes Coordinator run a workshop tailored specifically for your school needs.

For more information contact:!

Peace Ambassador programme

The purpose of this programme is to build a network of engaged and connected youth who are leaders in their communities.

We provide participants the resources to promote peace in their own networks as well as advancing their leadership skills. There is great flexibility in the kinds of events that the Peace Ambassadors can be a part of as the programme provides a platform for the ambassadors to lead each other and their communities in change they are passionate about.

The Peace Ambassadors are a youth wing of the Peace Foundation who meet on a regular basis to plan, organise and engage in community activities and events including the annual Youth Peace Week and Secondary Schools Peace Symposium.

The ambassadors give youth insight for the Peace Week theme, structure and promotion, and the information collated in the toolkit; they attend planning meetings with external organisations and also facilitate group discussions at the Peace Symposium.


This programme is available to students at minimum 15 years old.

If you are interested, email the Youth Programme Coordinator, Tamkeen Saeid:


This experience for me is very difficult to explain. It was so life changing, supporting and deep that I don’t have enough words to explain how great of an experience I had. I would encourage all of my friends to go on retreats like this so that we can all understand the importance of having a stable and balanced wellbeing. Going on retreats like this gives us a moment to step back and reflect on life and slow down time for a bit. It definitely helped me understand the important aspects of my life and my purpose in life.


18 Years, Student

What a life changing experience. So grateful for all the skills I’ve learnt and how much I’ve developed over the weekend. I can’t thank you enough for being such inspirational people.


18 Years, Student

WayFinder helped ground me and also reminds me of my place in life, my community and how I can help others. It gives me motivation to put my ideas into practice and to do something for the community.


18 Years, Student

What a journey it’s been for the last few days. It was a truly awesome experience. I really appreciate the bonds we’ve made and the lessons and skills we now have.


17 Years, Student

The single most valuable thing I learnt at this event was that it is important to believe in yourself and self love. I also learnt that finding your purpose in life acts as a major motivational factor.


17 Years, Student