responding to armed conflict (react)

REACT Presentations



We have presentations on:

☑ The Rainbow Warrior 

☑ Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

☑ Pacific Nuclear Testing 

☑ Ukraine Invasion 

☑ United States Gun Control Debate 

☑ Myanmar/Burma Conflict 

We can cater to YOUR needs!

Presentations from our Youth Programmes Coordinators, Ashlyn Baines and Olivia Shimasaki can be made in person or online at a time which suits teachers and students. 

A key element of The Peace Foundation’s disarmament education is our Responding to Armed Conflict (REACT) presentations. These presentations raise awareness about issues surrounding international armed conflict and disarmament, and broadly focus on nuclear disarmament, the current political climate, and both past and present armed conflicts. 

We currently have presentations covering: Pacific nuclear testing, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, Israel/Palestine, the US gun control debate and the history of New Zealand’s peace and disarmament legislation. Our REACT presentations consist of two components; raising awareness about issues surrounding international armed conflict and disarmament, and empowering rangitahi to build peace and take action in their own communities. REACT presentations for secondary schools and tertiary institutions are a powerful way of exploring the causes of and solutions to conflict. We encourage participants to consider peaceful alternatives to resolve global conflict, and give them examples of how they can actively build peace in their own local communities. 

Our team strives to ensure that what we deliver is continually adapted, remains topical, relevant and current to present day peace and disarmament issues, whilst also paying respect to history. 

Our presentations are completely FREE! 

To fit into the Aotearoa, New Zealand school curriculum our topics are flexible. If you require a specific topic which is being taught or that you would prefer us to present on an area not already covered (within the scope of international armed conflict) we can work with you to tailor our presentations around your needs as well. 


about our funders


The Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control (PACDAC) is a committee of experts who advise the Aotearoa, New Zealand government on  matters that relate to disarmament and arms control. This committee was established by the 1987 New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act. An objective of PACDAC is to promote disarmament, arms control, and international peace. 

In 2004, the Disarmament Education United Nations Implementation Fund (DEUNIF) was established. Today, it supports our REACT education programme, and makes it possible for us to provide this FREE educational service to schools and students.


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