About The Peace Foundation

The Foundation for Peace Studies Aotearoa/New Zealand Inc, a registered charitable society with operating name of The Peace Foundation was formed in 1975 with the vision of building peaceful local, national and global communities.

The Peace Foundation is an educational organisation that offers innovative programmes, services and resources that are used in schools, homes, businesses and communities throughout New Zealand and overseas. Our programmes help to establish and maintain peaceful relationships by teaching skills that encourage better communication, co-operation, respect and conflict resolution.

Core Programmes

  • Cool Schools – Peer mediation for primary schools.
  • Leadership through Peer Mediation (LtPM) – Peer mediation for secondary schools.
  • Mindful Communications for Wellbeing – Improving communication skills for families and family support workers.
  • Disarmament Education/REACT – Disarmament education presentation in schools.
  • Peace Ambassador Programme – Community activism for student 15 years and older.


To build peaceful relationships among people of all ages and cultures – from personal to global – through education, research and action.


Peaceful local, national and global communities.


In pursuing this mission we are committed to honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi, human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflict and to modelling peace-making values within the Foundation and beyond.


To inspire people of all ages and cultures to build peaceful relationships on a personal to global scale.


To empower our communities by offering practical tools for peaceful living.


To support individuals in our communities with programmes that help build positive, safe, respectful relationships, especially in times of conflict.