For Primary School (Years 1 - 8)

What Is Peer Mediation?

A structured process that uses a neutral person, the mediator, to help those in conflict to
come up with their own solutions for a win/win outcome. Mediation is a voluntary and
confidential process to constructively manage conflict. The mediator facilitates the
mediation process to support their peers in resolving their own problems.

Why Peer Mediation?

how does it work?

1. Book teacher training

School staff receive PLD (Professional Learning & Development) which supports the implementation of a peer mediation service at their school. Kaiako then introduce the kaupapa (lessons) to all ākonga (learners) in their classrooms.

2. Select and train peer mediators

Ākonga are selected and trained as the school peer mediators. They are rostered on duty during interval and lunchtime. In this leadership role they support their peers in dealing with minor conflict without teacher intervention.

What is the cost?

The Peace Foundation has funding to support PLD staff training, essential programme resources and two revists.
Schools are required to pay the membership fee + the training fee to take part in the Cool Schools Programme.

Book a consultation

Book a consultation with your regional Cool Schools Programme facilitator who will assess your needs and provide all the information you need to take the next steps.

What do schools have to say?

Letters of Support for Cool Schools