Ngā Whanau

Mindful Communication for WEllbeing

In this inspirational and interactive workshop, you’ll learn practical skills to help navigate conflict and create stronger bonds with people you love. This is a valuable programme for parents with children of all ages and social workers.


If you are interested to know more about this programme, contact: lisa@peacefoundation.org.nz

Topics Covered Include

  • Learning how mindfulness improves your ability to reduce stress and easily resolve conflicts.
  • Negotiating with others who are unaware of how their behaviour impacts you.
  • Uncovering tools for getting your own needs met in a respectful way.
  • Listening in a way that empowers your children to find solutions themselves.
  • Enhancing your connections with others and understanding the skills of non-verbal and verbal communication.

Every now and then life presents to me another piece of my jigsaw. The last one came in the form of Peace foundations course ‘Peaceful Family Communication’. Virin Gomber told me about this wonderful course a few weeks prior to my youngest daughter giving birth to our first grandchild. I am sad to say my relationship with her had become very disconnected over the years and so I was desperate to remedy the situation.



This course was amazing opening my eyes and ears to my children. Thank you, this was the kindest thing I’ve ever done for both them and myself.


Mother of two

I learnt about myself and how important it is to take time to understand others. Extremely useful course, thank you.


Dad of six

I loved this course so much and how we were able to open up to everyone without fear of judgement. I learnt new ways of communicating and hope you come back to teach us more.


Teen mother of two

Loved this workshop. Thankyou Lisa it was awesome to learn so much from you and especially how to build rapport with my children.


Mother of six

This is much more than a family communication course, it helps improve relationships and communication with everybody in everyday life.


Dad of five

A wonderful and valuable course with practical application. It was so good that I’d love to do it again.


Mother of two