Positive Relationship Options for Peace at Work

Research has shown companies that provide conflict resolution training have …

Higher Staff Retention

Better Performance Outcomes

Less Conflict Related Illness

Happier Staff

All of which impacts positively on customers, families, communities and the society as a whole. Constructive ways of dealing with conflict in the workplace lead to; problems being resolved before they escalate, people feeling valued and understood, people being empowered to resolve issues, empathy being shown and respect restored, positive interoffice relationships, increased job satisfaction, and higher levels of productivity.

Positive Relationship Options for Peace at Work

ProPeaceWork provides awareness and skills on how to overcome conflict and maintain positive, safe, respectful, peaceful relationships in the workplace environment.

Our Goals

To provide training within the workplace so that employees have awareness and skills to resolve conflict peacefully and avoid issues from escalating into destructive and expensive disputes. To provide life skills training for young people looking for work, making them more employable, and once in work to help them with what is needed to build and maintain positive working relationships.

Programme Aims:

  • To equip as many people in your workplace as possible with the skills to be able to address conflict in a constructive, peaceful way.
  • To raise awareness of how self and others act in conflict situations.
  • To give understanding towards developing an environment conducive towards increased productivity and performance at work.
  • To teach life-long conflict management skills for both personal and professional use.
  • To develop empathy so that individuals listen to each other with understanding.

The session was well received and provided a very solid basis for the development and learning of some essential skills which will help our youth to succeed in job interviews and in the workplace. Thank you for all your efforts in preparing for our specific audience, and for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to the workshop. A really successful day – thank you!”

Programme Participant

How we work

We begin by having conversations with the employer to identify the needs for the organization. We then undertake a needs analysis with the employees who will be attending the training (optional). On the basis of the needs analysis, we tailor each workshop to suit. Depending on the requirements it may be a half day, 1-2 day or the concepts covered could be broken up into several smaller training modules that can work in with a demanding schedule.

The training is interactive and engages participants to explore constructive ways of dealing with conflict. At the end of the training, each participant receives a Certificate of Achievement, which outlines the awareness and skills covered.

What others say about the workshops

Excellent opportunities to put skills into action – practical experience and role plays.

Energetic facilitators, lots of action, made it interesting.


For more information, please email with a brief description of your workplace needs.